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Heinrich Himmler Becomes SS Leader!

The Holocaust


Heinrich Himmler became the sole ruler of the SS on July 17, 1936. He was a man of no conscience. His speeches justified completely the acts of the German Nazis, commending them deeply for each and every act of heinous atrocity comitted. He once said, with regard to the Jews, "We had the moral right, the duty to our people, to destroy this people who wanted to destroy us. Altogether, however, we can say that we have fulfilled this most difficult duty for the love of our people. And our spirit, our soul, our character has not suffered injury from it."

1936 Olympics in Berlin!



Hitler adamantly believed that the German Aryans were the supreme and superior race. Thus according to this statement, they would have superior ability among all other races in all aspects of life. When the 1936 Olympic Games arrived, Hitler was certain that the Germans would win each event. He was unpleasantly surprised, shocked to an enormous extent, when the African-American runner Jessie Owens won victory in a race. Shown at left is Hitler's arrival at the competition in a motorcade and the public openly saluting him.

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