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The Holocaust
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World War II was an era of pure and unrivaled tragedy. It was probably the most infamous period in human history and its effects are still felt throughout the world. Marked by unimaginable death, illness, and bloodshed, this horrific time period claimed the lives of millions of innocent people.

Many of those who perished were Jews. They were taken to concentration camps, robbed of all dignity, family, their homes, and then killed brutally or left to die of utter helplessness. The occurences that made up this massacre were unbelilevable, inconcievable, and unsurpassable. They are known as an unforgettable and massive murder scene called the Holocaust.

Explore what was happening in Germany during the war from the year 1933 to 1945, from its pale beginnings to its hard-fought ending that left the world in torment.




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